Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum buying limit I can get?

Your buying limit is decided based on your transactions and loyalty profile. Your buying limit will increase with your regular repayments and purchase behavior. 

How to claim  the amount?

Download the Jiffy club app or visit the Msite and sign up using your mobile number and complete the KYC. Then visit an offline store, choose the product you want to buy. Go to the cash counter , tell the cashier that you want to pay through Jiffy and share your mobile number. The cashier will generate a request for an OTP for your mobile no. , share the OTP with the cashier to finish the transaction. 

Amount has been deducted from bank/card but repayment is showing as failed. What do I do?

Please contact with details. We will ensure the correct payment status is reflected in the app at the earliest. Your money is safe with us.

How to repay the outstanding/due amount?

You can setup autodebit in payments section or you can even pay using “Pay Now” option on the app. We also send a payment link 2 days prior to the due date, you can use that as well. 

What is the interest that I need to pay?

There is no interest charged on the purchase and there are no other costs for the customer. You will only be paying the product price via jiffy.

What happens if in case of delay or non-payment of dues?

Non payment of dues or delay in payments will be reported to credit bureaus (Experian, CIBIL, CRIF and Equifax) and your credit score will get impacted adversely. This may reduce your overall credit score.